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Barista TS Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with grinder

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melitta barista ts smart

The melitta barista ts smart is a very powerful machine. It can, for instance, produce 21 distinct coffee specialties. Using the proper coffee beans, in accordance with the original recipe, you’ve come up with.

Highlight: You can easily control the coffee-making process and many other features with your smartphone by using the Melitta® Connect app.

Two bean chambers, one automated and the other manual, are present in this coffee maker. This entails that you may either design your own recipes using the manual bean choose chamber or use our pre-made recipes to automatically make delicious coffee.

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Melitta Barista TS Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with grinder

Salient Features

Melitta Connect App

Many of the functionality on your fully automatic melitta barista ts smart coffee machine may be controlled with your smart phone.

Thanks to the Melitta Connect App. For instance, “Personal My Coffee” Profiles can be programmed and saved, and appliance settings can be easily adjusted.

You can get help with cleaning and maintaining the device from practical lessons. This app’s unique feature of allowing you to build your own coffee specialties is noteworthy.

Convienient Recipe Book Feature

Do you enjoy diversity? All of your coffee wishes are fulfilled by your Complete automatic melitta barista ts smart coffee maker. With just a slight touch of the melitta espresso machine commercial,

the four traditional drinks—espresso, café crème, cappuccino, and latte macchiato—can be chosen.

You can select from 17 additional coffee options using the menu, including flat white, ristretto, americano, and espresso doppio.

Automatic Bean Select

Not those beans? the others then… The novel Automatic Bean Select either automatically or at your direction selects the ideal beans from the two-chamber bean container for your preferred coffee.

Intense Aroma

The usual brewing procedure can be substituted with the IntenseAroma function. Without having to alter your coffee or water usage, the end effect is a coffee that tastes extremely intense. All coffee specialties have this feature available for selection.

My Coffee Memory

Do you have trouble recalling all of your favourite coffee recipes? Not to worry. Your melitta barista ts smart coffee maker keeps track of your preferred brew.

Without needing to learn IT, you can save your preferred coffee specialties with the “My Coffee Memory” feature. In addition, your machine saves the preferences of up to four people, so you may share the convenience with others at home, office .

Original Preparation Process

For coffee specialty made according to the authentic Italian recipes’ correct ingredient order: Therefore, for a latte macchiato, the espresso is only added after the milk and frothed milk. For a cappuccino, the espresso is poured first, followed by the frothed milk.

Best Aroma System Plus

There are several “tricks” in store for The Best Aroma System PLUS. For instance, the “Bean to Cup” principle makes sure that only the necessary quantity of beans are freshly ground and consumed right away. Auto Empty Grinding* entirely empty the grinder.

Specially sealed and coloured describes the Aromasafe® lid.This indicates that the flavour of the coffee beans lasts a long time. We also have the Aroma Extraction System as a secret weapon for the brewing process (A.E.S.).

Before beginning the actual brewing process, water is added to the freshly ground coffee. Why? Simple as that, this promotes greater dissolution of the flavours that give your coffee its flavour.

*Note: Despite automatic dispensing and grinding empty, there may be minimal mixing of the coffee beans after switching to another type of bean.

Quiet as a Whisper grinder

You desire peace and quiet as you prepare your coffee. This is not a problem because the grinder is both exceptionally swift and silent as a whisper.

TFT Colour Display

High definition TFT colour display with easy controls for optimal user friendliness. You can navigate the menu using the self-explanatory step-by-step directions.

One touch

Because it is so simple to use, the Barista TS Smart ® dazzles. With just one touch, the pre-set coffee varieties espresso, café crème, cappuccino, and latte macchiato can be chosen.

With One Touch, you can also choose hot water, frothed milk, or warm milk, all very easily and conveniently.

Touch & Slide

By lightly touching the sensor panels, you can easily and conveniently set up and operate your machine thanks to the revolutionary Touch & Slide feature.

Double Cup  Mode

With the Double Cup Mode, you may simultaneously brew two cups of a variety of coffee specialty with or without milk.

All in One outlet with LED Lighting

Put your cup down and select your favourite coffee flavour. then venture out to find the cookies? You don’t need to move the cup while your coffee is being produced, despite the fact that there are separate nozzles for coffee, milk, and hot water.

The outlet is height-adjustable up to 140 mm, naturally without the use of special tools, so that you can also use genuine, tall latte macchiato glasses.

For those who dislike bright lights in the morning, there is a particular feature that allows you to make coffee in a semi-dark environment thanks to the integrated LED illumination.

Pro Aqua Filter Technology

The melitta barista ts smart only needs to be descaled once a year if you use a Melitta® Pro Aqua Water filter. Your coffee will taste better and be of higher quality thanks to the filtered water, which also stops limescale buildup in the water system.

(This is based on making six 120 ml cups of coffee each day and changing the filter six times in line with the appliance’s instructions.)

Removable Brewing unit

Wouldn’t it be lovely if it were straightforward? Melitta® makes it easy. The entire brewing system is detachable and simple to clean. This also makes the interior of the device accessible, allowing for simple cleaning.

Plug-in Milk System

Removable milk system with with an external, dishwasher-safe milk container which fits in every fridge.

Easy Steam Cleaning

Easy Steam Cleaning allows you to quickly and hygienically clean in between times in addition to the integrated programme to thoroughly clean the milk system: parts in touch with milk are cleaned with hot water and steam.

If you want after every cup of coffee or call up individually using the menu.

Automatic Cleaning and Descaling Programme.

When the Melitta Barista TS Smart machine needs to be cleaned or descaled, the display automatically makes the recommendation. The various steps of the programmes are guided by step-by-step instructions.

Contemporary Energy Efficiency

Melitta Barista TS Smart coffee machines provide a useful Auto-OFF option in addition to a programmable energy-saving mode. This enables you to choose the time at which your fully automatic coffee maker turns itself off.

Of course, Utilising the 0-watt switch manually will also allow you to unplug the appliance from the power source.

Mission Eco and Care

We have created a label that enables customers to select a device that ensures conscious delight. We have created a value system that is used by the label.

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