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Cappuccino Premix


Cappuccino is a Stronger version of Coffee. Here, Festisy Cappuccino premix has a rich and bold Taste as the espresso is toned down with Milk, but the coffee Taste is still featured. On a press of button of our Automatic Tea and Coffee  machine, our premix mixes with hot water and Fresh Cappuccino gets poured in your cup.

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Craving Coffee Shop Delights? Dive into the Convenience of Cappuccino Premix!

Craving creamy frothy goodness without the barista training or cafe wait?

Cappuccino premix might be your answer! Packaged in convenient 1kg packs, these blends offer a practical and delicious solution for coffee lovers on the go, at home, or even in the office.

But convenience isn’t the only perk. Premixes ensure consistent quality and taste, unlike DIY attempts that can vary.

For those with limited space, storage is a breeze. The compact 1kg pack stays fresh for long periods, thanks to its extended shelf life. Whether you’re fueling busy mornings, hosting gatherings, or simply indulging in a quick pick-me-up, cappuccino premix offers a hassle-free solution.


  • Fine Ground Coffee
  • Dairy Whitener
  • Sugar

General Info

  • Quantity : 1 kg
  • Pack of  1
  • Tea Form : Powder

Instruction of use

Pour 14 Gms of our Festisy Best Coffee Premix with 100 ml of Hot Water and Hot Cappuccino is ready.


So ditch the complicated routines and embrace the ease of premixes. Explore the diverse flavors, enjoy reliable quality, and savor the cost-effectiveness. With cappuccino premix, barista-style coffee bliss is just a scoop and a stir away!

Weight 1.000 kg


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