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Delonghi 22.110 SB Magnifica S: Discover the delonghi 22.110 Shocking secret


Delonghi 22.110

SB Magnifica S
  • Personalizing coffee as often as you want has never been easier. Choose from short, medium or long, try a strong or extra mild aroma, enjoy it piping hot, medium or low temperature with adjustable coffee and water quantity
  • The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee
  • Removable brewing unit with variable capacity and pre-brewing cycle
  • New silent integrated coffee grinder with 13 adjustable settings with flavour saving cover for the container
  • Automatic shut-off, Rinse and decalcification autoprograms
  • Programmable water hardness
  • Removable drip tray with level indicator, Cup Holder, Water filter
  • Power supply switch for zero consumption, Energy Saving, Stand-by functions

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Delonghi 22.110 Sb Magnifica

The Delonghi 22.110 SB Magnifica Series represents a classic line of De’Longhi Super Automatic Coffee Machines.

This Delonghi Magnifica 22.110 come equipped with advanced features, such as a conical burr grinder, customizable drink options, and a compact design that fits well in any kitchen.

Ideal for espresso lovers, the Magnifica Series delivers rich and aromatic shots with just a push of a button is the best automatic espresso machine for office.

Magnifica Delonghi 22.110 S Coffee Machine: Unleashing the Magic of Coffee at Your Fingertips


Prepare to be enchanted by the Magnifica delonghi 22.110 Sb  coffee vending machine for office use, a captivating marvel that brings the art of coffee brewing to new heights.

Combining Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, the Magnifica is the embodiment of elegance and functionality.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee enthusiast or a beginner looking to explore the world of coffee, this machine promises an unparalleled brewing experience.

In this part, we will delve into the enchanting features, functionalities, and the magic that makes the Magnifica a must-have companion for all commercial office coffee vending machines lovers.

The Enchanting Brewing Process of Delonghi Espresso Magnifica

The heart of the Magnifica lies in its enchanting brewing process.

The integrated burr grinder graces each cup with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, preserving the nuances of flavors and ensuring a divine coffee experience.

The machine’s Thermoblock technology guarantees optimal temperature control, resulting in consistently rich and flavorful espresso shots.

With a dual boiler system, you can effortlessly switch between brewing and steaming, allowing you to create lattes, cappuccinos, and more without delay.

User-friendly Magic

Say farewell to complexity, for the Magnifica’s user-friendly interface makes coffee brewing feel like pure magic.

The intuitive control panel presents a wide range of beverage options, strength settings, and temperature preferences, empowering you to customize your coffee journey.

The programmable memory function remembers your favorite settings, so each cup is brewed exactly as you desire.

Elegant Design & Practicality

Adorned with sleek lines and a refined stainless-steel finish, the delonghi 22.110 s magnifica adds a touch of Italian sophistication to your kitchen.

Its compact design ensures it fits gracefully on any countertop, while the front-loading water tank and accessible coffee bean container make refilling effortless.

The adjustable spout height accommodates various cup sizes, whether you prefer an espresso shot or a tall latte macchiato.

The Magic of Froth

Immerse yourself in the magic of creamy froth with the Magnifica’s manual frothing wand. Revel in the joy of crafting your froth to perfection, creating delightful latte art and customizing your drinks with ease.

This feature empowers you to unleash your inner barista and impress your guests with café-quality beverages.

Easy Maintenance & Cleanup

Keeping the Magnifica in pristine condition is enchantingly simple. The removable brew unit and drip tray are dishwasher-safe, while the machine’s automatic cleaning and descaling programs ensure hassle-free maintenance.

The Magnifica De’Longhi Coffee Machine is a captivating marvel that weaves the magic of coffee into every cup makes it a best coffee maker machine for home in india.

From its enchanting brewing process and user-friendly interface to the elegant design and versatile frothing wand, every aspect of the Magnifica is crafted to create a truly magical coffee experience.

Embrace the enchantment of coffee brewing with the Magnifica, and let it be your guide on an extraordinary coffee journey.

Whether you’re savoring an aromatic espresso or a velvety cappuccino, the Magnifica promises to infuse your days with the spellbinding charm of exceptional coffee.

Magnifica S consist of
  • High Quality Plastic body
  • Two-line display with icons
  • Cappuccino System: it combines steam, air and milk producing a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos
  • Rapid Cappuccino
  • New thermoblock: to grant the espresso at the ideal and constant temperature

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