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C I Touch Latte Select Intelligent Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


  • C I Touch Latte Select ® Intelligent Fully automatic coffee machine with simple touch-start function
  • Your C I Touch Latte Select coffee maker will have a stunning black appearance that exudes style and sophistication.
  • A completely automated coffee machine, the Melitta CI Press® offers 10 delectable coffee specialties at the touch of a button.
  • In contrast to other coffee machines, you get a whisper-quiet grinder with a two-chamber bean canister that can ground two different kinds of beans.

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CI Touch Latte Select ® Intelligent Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Product information “CI Touch Latte Select ® Fully Automatic Coffee Machine “
  • 4 classic coffees prepared at the touch of a button
  • Enjoy more coffee varieties with \”Manual Bean Select\” options
  • NEW! descaling process with the PRO AQUA Coffee Filter
  • Barista T Smart® Grinder for almost silent grinding

Pro Aqua Filter Technology

If you utilize a Melitta® Pro Aqua Water filter, the C I Touch Latte Select ® only needs to be descaled once every twelve months. The filtered water improves the quality and taste of your coffee while preventing limescale accumulation in the water system.

(This is based on making six 120 ml cups of coffee each day and changing the filter six times in line with the appliance’s instructions.)

Quiet as a Whisper grinder

As you make the coffee, you want some peaceful time. The grinder is very quick and whisper-quiet, so this is not a problem.

One Touch Feature

With just one touch, espresso, café crème, cappuccino, and latte macchiato can be chosen. With One Touch, warm milk, frothed milk, or hot water are also quickly and readily available.

10 coffee specialities

Do you like variety? Your Complete automatic coffee maker satisfies all of your coffee wishes. The four classic beverages—espresso, café crème, cappuccino, and latte macchiato—can be selected with only a tiny touch. The menu offers 6 more coffee selections.

Manual Bean Select

To make the many different coffee specialties and ensure the greatest flavour, different types of coffee beans are needed.

Due to this, the C I Touch Latte Select ® has a two-chamber bean container with a manual bean pick option, allowing you to select, for instance, either fine, mild coffee beans or aromatic, strong espresso beans.

The aroma of the coffee beans is preserved by the Aromasafe® cover and the dark colour of the container. Additionally, there is a separate ground coffee chute.

My Coffee Memory

Do you struggle to remember every one of your favourite coffee recipes? Do not fret. Your completely automatic C I Touch Latte Select ® coffee maker remembers what brew you like most.

You can use the “My Coffee Memory” function to save your favourite coffee specialty without having to understand IT.

To share the convenience with others at home or at the office before they get envious, your machine now saves the preferences of up to four individuals.

Italian Preparation Process

The components are blended in the proper sequence according to an authentic Italian recipe during the Italian preparation procedure, which guarantees a genuine flavour.

This indicates that the espresso is put to a latte macchiato after the milk and milk froth. The opposite is true with cappuccino.


In order to release the full flavour of your coffee, C I Touch Latte Select ® uses a pre-brewing technology, which involves moistening the ground coffee with water before to the actual brewing.

The entire brewing unit may easily be removed for thorough cleaning.

Double Cup Mode

With Double Cup Mode you can make two cups of numerous coffee specialities with or without milk at the same time.

TFT Colour Display


All-in-One outlet

Coffee, milk, and hot water nozzles that are separate from each other make it easy to prepare your favourite drinks without having to shift the cup. Tall latte macchiato glasses can also fit because the height of the outlet can be changed by up to 140 mm.

Removable brewing unit

The entire brewing system is detachable and simple to clean. Due to the machine’s interior being accessible, cleaning it is also made simple.

Plug in milk system

The exterior milk container of the milk system, which is dishwasher safe, is simple to remove and fits in any refrigerator. Due to its separation from the coffee system, the separate milk unit at the outlet also guarantees cleanliness.

It is also simple to take out and clean.

Easy Steam Cleaning

Your completely automatic machine offers to clean the parts that came into touch with milk each time you produce a milk-based beverage, which is quick and hygienic. Hot water and steam start cleaning thoroughly when a button is pressed.

Automatic cleaning and descaling program

Your completely automatic machine offers to clean the parts that came into touch with milk each time you produce a milk-based beverage, which is quick and hygienic. Hot water and steam start cleaning thoroughly when a button is pressed.

Contemporary energy efficiency

Melitta® fully automatic coffee makers provide a useful Auto-OFF option in addition to a programmable energy-saving mode. This enables you to choose the time at which your fully automatic coffee maker turns itself off.

Of course, utilising the 0-watt switch manually will also allow you to unplug the appliance from the power source.

MISSION eco & care

We have created a label that enables customers to select a device that ensures conscious delight. We have created a value system that is used by the label.

model number: F630-101
Colour: Silver
Model Series: CI
Dimensions (height x width x depth in mm): 345 x 255 x 475
Weight (without packaging): 9,3 kg
Display: TFT Colour-Display
Programmable reference keys: Yes
Premium conical steel grinder: Yes
Automatic grinding quantity regulation: Yes
Grinding degree setting: 5-level
Quiet grinder: Yes
Bean container volume: 270Gms
Active fill level monitoring Bean container: No
Water tank volume: 1,8
Drip tray: Stainless steel drip tray
LED cup lighting: Yes
Auto-Off function: Yes
0-Watt switch: Yes
Energy-saving mode: Yes
Power max.: 1400W
Voltage: 220-240
Frequency: 5060HZ
Guarantee: 2 years
Brewing temperature setting: 859095
Pre-brewing function: yes
Setting coffee strength: 4-level
Bean Select (2-chamber bean container): yes
Shaft for instant coffee: yes
Coffee spout 2 Cup cover: yes
Height-adjustable spout: yes
All-in-one spout for 2 coffee-milk specialities simultaneously: yes
Italian Preparation Process (order of ingredients combination according to original Italian recipe): yes
One-Touch Drinks: Warme Milch, Latte macchiato, Cappuccino, Espresso, Cafe Creme, Milkfoam, Espresso
My Coffee Profile: yes
Quantity My Coffee Profiles: 4
Number of pre-set coffee variations: 10
App support/control: None
Milk foam system: One Touch-Milk-Function
Cover warm milk: yes
Milk container: Plastic + chrome
Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): yes
Cleaning & Care
Removable brewing group: yes
Setting water hardness: yes
Water filter compatibility: yes
Once a year descaling: no
Service menu key: no
Automatic cleaning and descaling system: yes
Easy steam cleaning function (cleaning of milk-bearing parts): yes


Weight 9.300 kg
Dimensions 35 × 26 × 48 cm


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