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Discover Excellence: La Carimali 1-Group Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine Unveiled


La Carimali 1-Group Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

In the realm of coffee aficionados, the La Carimali 1-Group Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine stands as a testament to the art and science of brewing the perfect cup of espresso.

This compact yet powerful machine has earned its place in the hearts of baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike, offering a delightful blend of tradition and modernity.

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La Carimali 1-Group Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

A Triumph of Italian Engineering

La Carimali, an Italian company with a rich history dating back to 1919, has consistently delivered high-quality coffee machines. The 1-group semi-automatic model is no exception, showcasing Italian engineering at its finest.

It embodies the principles of simplicity and functionality, making it an excellent choice for both commercial establishments use.

The Beauty of Simplicity

One of the most charming aspects of the La Carimali 1-group semi-automatic coffee machine is its simplicity. It features a single group head, which means it’s designed to brew one cup of espresso at a time.

This simplicity isn’t a limitation but rather a feature that allows baristas to focus on crafting each shot to perfection.

Aesthetic Elegance

The machine’s design is a blend of elegance and practicality. Its stainless steel exterior not only looks stunning but also ensures durability.

The minimalist control panel is user-friendly, featuring knobs and switches that make it easy to operate. This harmonious marriage of form and function is quintessentially Italian.

Precision Brewing

The La Carimali 1-group’s semi-automatic nature gives baristas a high level of control over the brewing process. It boasts a powerful heating system that maintains precise temperature stability, crucial for extracting the best flavors from coffee grounds.

Additionally, the machine’s steam wand allows for skillful milk frothing, a key component in crafting lattes and cappuccinos.

The Heart of Espresso

Espresso enthusiasts know that the heart of a great shot lies in the coffee beans and their grind. The La Carimali 1-group machine allows for customization of grind size, ensuring that the extraction is just right.

Its commercial-grade portafilter and basket are designed for consistency, guaranteeing that each shot is a work of art.

Steaming Excellence

Apart from espresso, the machine’s steam wand is a joy to use. It creates velvety microfoam for creamy lattes and allows you to experiment with latte art. The steam pressure is adjustable, catering to your preferred milk texture.

Commercial Versatility

While this machine is a favorite among home baristas, its commercial capabilities should not be underestimated. It’s a perfect fit for small cafes, catering services, or as a dedicated espresso station in a restaurant. Its compact size doesn’t compromise on performance.

Maintenance and Durability

Italian craftsmanship shines through not only in design but also in durability. The La Carimali 1-group machine is built to last, with minimal maintenance requirements.

Regular cleaning and descaling are essential, but the machine’s robust construction ensures years of faithful service.


In the world of espresso, the La Carimali 1-Group Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine is a shining star. Its simplicity, precision, and aesthetic appeal make it a top choice for those who seek the artistry in coffee making. Whether you’re a professional barista or a passionate home brewer, this machine will elevate your coffee game, one perfect shot at a time.

La Carimali continues to uphold its Italian legacy, serving as a reminder that in the pursuit of the perfect espresso, tradition and innovation can coexist harmoniously.

Description 1G
Dimension (W x H x D) mm 346x500x480
Weight 37kg
Display yes
Number of Buttons 5
Steam Boiler Capacity 4l
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Watts 1850W
Cup Warmer No
Led No
Boiler Insulation No
Cold Water Mix No


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