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Why Tea and Coffee Machine for Office are important?

Answered: Your most burning questions about Why Tea and Coffee Machine for Office are important?

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    Introduction to Vending Machine and Working of Tea and Coffee Machine for Office Use in particular.


    Tea Machine for Office and workplaces to provide hot coffee and tea.

    People can select specific types of coffees and teas from such beverage coffee vending machine for office.

    Each device, which can be found in offices, university and college campuses, and metro stations, serves at least two to eight different beverages (green tea, lemon tea, or black tea).

    Vending machines, despite the common impression that it is only used for snack and beverage dispensers but this technology of vending machines can be used for a variety of additional purposes, such as food and office supply, as well as Cash, condoms, tickets for public transportation.


    Metro stations frequently include vending machines as well. You can see that these machines are dispensing many kinds of public goods, including snacks, beverages, and train tickets.

    Vending machines are a very useful tool for the general welfare.

    Small company owners may also purchase or lease a beverage dispenser. 

    Meal dispensers include sub sandwiches, soups, meat, and cheese. There are several different types of dispensing equipment, including standing, tabletop, free-standing, and structure mounting.


    Instant food and beverages in the form of Packed foods and Ready to drink beverages paved the way for the business of manufacturing and selling several types of vending machines including tea coffee machines. 

    Tea coffee lemon tea machine

    Is there any Relation between your Work Performance and Tea and Coffee Vending Machine for Office?

    Why do you need a Tea and Coffee Maker Machine for Office or workplace?

    Do you think manual delivery of coffee/tea is way cheaper than installing Tea Coffee Machine for Office cafeteria? Why do people buy coffee from a vending machine?

    Our day begins and ends with a cup of tea or coffee. Tea and coffee give us the needed refuelling and refreshment, which is necessary if you want to keep up the pace.

    We like to sip a cup of coffee after a tiring journey to the office or while having a meeting with your colleagues. 

    Now after the Coronavirus pandemic, you will find that there has been a lot of stress on hygiene and cleanliness in making of the tea which has not been maintained in most of the roadside tea vendors.

    Today, in all workplaces, a Best Tea Coffee Vending Machine for Office is a must.


    What are coffee and tea machine for office use?

    Which is the Best Automatic Tea Coffee Vending Machine for Office?

    What are the best quality Tea Coffee Machine for Office in India and their prices?

    What is the price of a Tea & Coffee Making Machine for Office?

    Is there any Company in India that provides Tea Coffee Vending machine for Small Office?

    Which is the best website to buy a Tea Coffee Machines for Office?

    Coffee and Tea Machine for Office :

    Tea Coffee machines are equipment in which the process of making tea and coffee is automated and the hot tea and coffee is dispensed in your cup.

    Coffee or tea vending machines are equipped with cutting-edge features. 

    The ideal Tea vending system would be able to meet increasing needs and provide a fantastic selection of high-quality beverages.

    Nowadays Vending machines for tea and coffee are extremely sophisticated, automated brewers and mixers that handle all the measurement and programming to produce each perfect beverage.

    By eliminating the need to wait in lines at coffee shops, these machines not only aid with time savings but also deliver high-quality coffee for a small fraction of the price.

    Commercial Office Coffee Vending Machines

    Commercial Office Coffee Vending Machines that produce one cup or more of coffee are available, as are high-speed commercial coffee makers that can prepare more than forty cups of coffee in under fifteen minutes. 

    Here we are going to discuss the principles of the working of tea and coffee machines.

    This is how office tea coffee machine look or how tea coffee machines operate from the back end.


    Now you would know what you as a consumer have to do in the front end.

    What you as a consumer handle the front end of machine

    Now that you have understood how office coffee and tea machine work, now you would come to know about the types of tea coffee vending machines.

    All the machines which you would come to know work on the same principle discussed above.

    Premix vending machines are mainly of 3 types-

    Sr No. Description
    #1 Double or Two Option Premix Machine
    #2 Three or Triple Option premix machine
    #3 Four Or Quadra option Premix Machine
    Two Option Machine or Double option machine or tea coffee machine, premix tea vending machine. tea and coffee machine on rent
    Two Option Machine or Double option machine or tea coffee machine

    Double option Premix Machine‚Äč or Two Option Premix Machine

    As the name suggests this machine can dispense two beverages and so are known as double option Premix Vending Machines. Dispensing hot water is a common feature of this machine.

    This basic arrangement of the machine makes the two option machine the most typical and well-liked premix machines on the market.

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    As On January 2023, The Tea Coffee Vending Machine for Office price or price of Two Option or Double option machine is Rs.16045/- All inclusive in Mumbai, India.

    Three Option Machine or Triple option machine or Tea Coffee Lemon-Tea machine
    Three Option Machine or Triple option machine or Tea Coffee Lemon-Tea Machine

    Three option Premix Machine‚Äč or Triple Option premix machine

    Three option vending machines, as the name implies, dispenses three different beverages. This machine works where you need an extra beverage like lemon tea or soup and is used in workplaces and canteens.

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    As On January 2023, The Tea Coffee machine for Office price or price of Three Option or Triple option machine is Rs.16635/- All inclusive in Mumbai, India

    Four Option Machine or Quadra Machine or Tea Coffee Lemon-Tea and Soup machine
    Four Option Machine or Quadra Machine or Tea Coffee Lemon-Tea and Soup machine

    Four option Premix Machine‚Äč Or Quadra option Premix Machine‚Äč

    These machines are more prevalent and well-liked as they are almost the same size as the Triple Option and have a four-beverage capacity.

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    As On January 2023, The price of Four Option or Quadra option machine is Rs.19408/- All inclusive in Mumbai, India

    Precaution to be taken:

    1. You should never place a water bubble jar when the machine is on. While placing it, make sure the door is open as well.
    2. You should check the water level often and fill it up quickly if it reads “low water‚ÄĚ or if the low level water buzzer turns on.
    3. Given that every machine needs routine maintenance, an AMC is always a smart choice for vending machines. 
    4. Avoid often altering the parameters setting of the machine because this alters the flavour of the beverage.
    5. As self-maintenance may ultimately result in the guarantee being null and void, always call the licenced technician, if under warranty.

    You can have Addon on the machine which adds value to the machine and make your work easy. They are as follows

    1.Coin operated mechanism

    Here the coin mechanism box is attached to the machine and the coin is inserted in the box which activates the machine in ready position to dispense. one beverage will be discharged per coin.

    2. Swipe card mechanism.

    Here the swipe card mechanism is attached to the machine  and there are 2 standard card which always comes with attachment and programmable card which can be of maximum 200 numbers

    Standard cards:

    1. Activation Card :  Used to activate the machine after 24 hours so that all the normal cards can be reactivated for the next 24 hours.
    2. Unlimited Card : used to take unlimited cups of beverage from this card.

    Programmable cards : 

    Cards given to employees who can take a certain number of beverages during the 24 hours.

    3. Online pump: Used to places where you cannot place the bubble jar of 20 liter on the machine.

    Being into Tea coffee Machine business since 2016, we are in position to say that we are among the best tea and coffee machine manufacturers as we have all the required set up and required service team to attend any kind of issues found in machine in the Workplace or office place. 

    As employees want Tea and Coffee during their break period and any kind of delay causes a lot of inconvenience to employees and employers.

    Our machine has following advantages

    1. Festisy has consistently upheld its standards for quality and consistency.
    2. The new machines are relatively simple to use
    3. Features that promote good hygiene and food safety are included.
    4. Simple contactless interactivity capability.

    We are available at www.festisy.com or email us at : [email protected]

    Would You Be Interested In Getting The Best Quote For Purchase Or Rent?

    What are the must-have specifications of a tea-coffee vending machine?

    How to choose the best Tea coffee machine to buy?

    A Office Tea and Coffee machine needs a reliable dispensing system. The effectiveness of the tea and coffee vending machine will be ensured by a robust dispensing mechanism.

    In order for customers to purchase their preferred cup of tea or coffee at a defined price, the tea and coffee vending machine should include an adjustable coin slot.

    You should be able to recognize the numerous models that Tea and coffee machine manufacturers provide and decide which one best meets your needs.

    You should have the following considerations in mind while selecting the finest Automatic Office Coffee Machines:

    1. Select a best coffee and tea machine for office that can distribute a variety of beverages. This will also make it easier for you to pick from all of the available alternatives.
    2. Make a list of locations in the workplace where these machines have a strong accessibility before placing the machine.
    3. Sometimes Obtaining a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine for Office on rent is a cheaper option than investing in buying a new coffee machine. you should look at the overall cost of running the machine as there is a recurring rent cost here.
    4. Purchasing a Tea Coffee Machine for Small Office with readily accessible parts on the market is a viable choice. Make sure you get your equipment from reputable coffee vending machine Brands like Delonghi Office Coffee machines who back their goods with warranties.
    What are the useful tips for maintenance of Office Tea and Coffee Machines?
    How do I take care of tea and coffee vending machines?
    1. To guarantee perfect results every time, check that the temperature and other parameters settings of the machine are precise and calibrated.
    2. In order to  prevent mineral accumulation and ensure that your machine is operating well, the equipment needs to be descaled at a regular period.
    3. Make sure to pay careful attention to the drip tray and to empty and clean it frequently.
    4. Use a moist towel to wipe the machine’s outside, then use a brush or vacuum to clean the inside of the machine.
    5. Just remember to carefully clean your fingers and the buttons after dispensing your cup. Depending on the cup sizes, it may serve 60‚Äď120 cups once the machine is fully loaded with water and premixes.lYou may enjoy your favourite beverage without worrying about contamination if you wash your hands before handling water jars and premixes.
    6. There are defined lifespans for several of the components of these equipment. Concerning replacing seals and other disposable parts, don’t you hesitate to consult the machine provider.
    7. The machines’ smooth operation is ensured by routine maintenance. Always choose a skilled and dependable specialist. Major issues are identified and fixed by qualified machine technicians. Prior to purchasing a coffee maker, confirm that the vendors must offer dependability and that the business is prepared to instruct you and your crew on usage of machine and maintenance.
    8. Do not attempt difficult repairs on your own. Tea coffee makers appear simple to use but are built using intricate processes. It is thus advised against opening any coffee machine in your workplace and begin to make repairs yourself since you risk unintentionally causing further harm.
    9. Please make sure to regularly clean and prevent clogging of your equipment. One of the most important things to keep in mind while caring for a vending machine is to make sure that it isn’t constantly being opened, shut, and cleaned.¬†
    How natural is tea/lemon tea from a vending machine? Is it a healthy option?
    Is vending machine tea good for health?

    Before being introduced to the market, tea vending machines must pass many tests. Before usage, approvals for food safety from government bodies are also necessary. Therefore, it is impossible to say that tea vending machines are bad.

    If you bring up the fact that the premix ingredients are approved by the government where manufacturers adhere to strict set standards and the premix are tested in government approved laboratories and maintain records of the batches, then it would be unjustified to say that the drink is unhealthy. 

    However, premixes, if maintained and handled properly, will get nice and consistent beverage results.

    Majority of vending machines are not being properly maintained, which contributes towards the improper dispensing of the beverage which makes the beverage bad to taste.

    Low-quality sugar and powder are used, and equipment not been serviced and  cleaned, all of which contribute to the bad tea that ends up in our cups.

    Before consuming a drink, it is important to read the label attached on the premix pouch. the freshness of the drink depends on various factors.

    The various question you need to ask yourself is 

    1. Who is the Machine manufacturer (Check their testimonials)
    2. How often is the equipment cleaned?
    3. Is the premix approved by FSSAI Standard
    4. What type of powder is filled in the machine
    5. How much sugar is being used
    What is the approximate cost of 1 cup of coffee that is vended out from free tea and coffee vending machines in Indian companies?
    What is the price of 150ml of coffee from a vending machine? What is the cost of 1 cup of tea while using a tea vending machine?

    The standard for making tea and coffee in the workplace is 80 ml, to make 80 ml of coffee would require 14 gms of coffee premix. 

    The price of Coffee premix as on Jan 2023 is Rs.450/- per kg. so the premix cost would be 6.30/-. 

     Power consumption cost would be about Rs.0.25 per cup. Water is free. so the 80 ml cost would be Rs.6.55/-.  Same would be the case with tea also.

     incase your requirement is 150ml of coffee, then grammage required would be 29gms that would put the cost of premix to be Rs.13.05 and power consumption would be Rs.0.35 per cup.

    So, the 150 ml of coffee would cost about 13.40/-

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