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How to Choose the Perfect Tea and Coffee Machines for You?

Why Tea and Coffee Machines are the Best Office Investment? How to Choose the Perfect Tea and Coffee Machines for You? What to Look for When Buying a Tea and Coffee Machines? Comparing Different Types of Tea and Coffee Machines.

Two option Or Double option machine

Two Option Machine, Tea and Coffee Machines
Two Option Machine
interior of 2 option machine
interior of 2 option machine
Two Option machine

Tea N Coffee Machine dispenses Two Beverages & Hot Water.

Application :

Tea Coffee Maker Machine for Offices.

Coffee and Tea Machine for Shops.

Coffee, Tea and Hot water Machines for Commercial Establishments.

MRP : â‚ą. 20,300.00

Three Option or Triple Option Machine

3 option machine 1 1 1 1 1
Three Option Machine
3 option inside 1
Interior of Three Option Machine
Three Option machine

Tea, Coffee and Lemon Tea Machine dispenses Three Beverages & Hot Water.

Application :

Coffee Tea and hot chocolate Machine for Offices

Beverage vending Machine that makes Coffee, Tea and hot chocolates usually used in Shops

Coffee, Tea and Soup Machines for Commercial Establishments.

â‚ą. 22,000/-

Four Option or Quadra Machine

Four Option Machine

Tea, Coffee, Lemon Tea and Soup Machine : Dispenses Four Beverages & Hot Water.

Application :

Automatic tea Coffee machine for Medium Sized Offices who want to offer more than just Tea and coffee.

Coffee for Vending Machines for commercial Estaiblishments.

Tea vending machines usually used in shops


â‚ą. 25,510/-

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What is the cost of coffee machine? Which is the best coffee maker in india? Which coffee machine is best for home?

Coffee Machines

"Melitta Coffee Machines"
Coffee Maker India
We have immense pleasure in giving one of the world best coffee machines in India.
Barista Ts Smart Best Coffee Machine
Barista Ts Smart Best Coffee Machine

Barista TS Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

The Melitta® Barista TS Smart® is a very powerful machine producing 21 distinct coffee specialties. You can easily control the coffee-making process and many other features with your smartphone

â‚ą. 2,29,000/-

CI Touch Latte Select Machine
CI Touch Latte Select Machine

C I Touch Latte Select Intelligent Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Your C I Touch Latte Select coffee maker will have a stunning black appearance that exudes style and sophistication. A completely automated coffee machine, the Melitta CI Press® offers 10 delectable coffee specialties at the touch of a button.

Passione OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine
Passione OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Passione® OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Available with a sleek, space-saving design and an opulent appearance. At the touch of a button, the  Passione® OT enables you to make your preferred cup of coffee. Latte macchiato, café crème, cappuccino, espresso, ristretoo, lungo, and other coffee specialties are available along with frothed milk and hot water.

â‚ą. 1,49,000/-

Avanza Coffee Machine
Avanza Coffee Machine

Avanza® Series 600 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, Mystic Titan

In spite being one of the smallest fully automatic coffee makers on the market, Avanza® Series 600 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine dazzles with its capabilities, attributes, and design. Select from cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, and café crème.

Solo and Perfect Milk Coffee Machine
Solo and Perfect Milk Coffee Machine
Solo and Perfect Milk Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Solo and Perfect Milk combines compact design and heavenly creamy frothed milk. If it is either an excellent coffee with a velvety crema or a delicious latte macchiato topped with light and airy milk foam that you want –  Solo® & Perfect Milk will bring it to you in an instant.

In Solo and Perfect Milk , the two automated programmes allow you to enjoy either at the touch of a button, whether your preference is an early-morning espresso or a mid-afternoon cappuccino. Longer coffee breaks are ideal for the tall coffee setting, and the specialised latte function makes it simple to luxuriate in a rich, creamy coffee.

Whatever you’re doing, the convenient cup warmer gently warms your cups so that your beverages stay at the perfect temperature for longer. It also has an auto-clean feature to prevent limescale buildup.

â‚ą. 65,000/-

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