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Hot coffee Cup

Premix & Vending Machine


Cardamom tea representation

₹. 140.00 to ₹. 615.00

Tea Premix

Available in 1Kg Pack and sachet size.

₹. 150.00 to ₹. 650.00

Coffee Premix

Available in 1Kg Pack and sachet size.

₹. 16,000.00 to ₹. 1,99,000.00

Tea Coffee Machine

Available in 8 variations.


Fresh Milk Tea Coffee Machine

Fresh Milk Tea Coffee Machine is available.

Fresh Milk Machine
Single cup serve satchet
From ₹140.00

Buy Single Serve Satchets for traveling and long stays, hostels

Single Cup Serve Satchets

Our Wide range of Single serve satchets will delight your taste bud and awaken your senses.

About Us

We are a Determined company and our idea was to manufacture and promote Perfect Tea & Coffee to the Customers. 

Tailored-Made Solutions for your Tea Coffee requirement

We offer a unique Tea and coffee solution to any office environment unlike any other in Mumbai.

The perfect place to meet your tea and coffee requirements

We strive to provide Healthy premixes as it is consumed by the professionals and young generation. Our sincere effort is to avoid any health hazards due to consumption of premix. We conduct quality checks to ensure genuine quality of our product.

Our organisation works with the principals of transparency and integrity. We focus more on ethics rather than earning revenue. 

We have earned tremendous goodwill in the market and with our fabulous reputation; we have been able to set an example for the entrants in this domain.


Why is Instant Cardamom Tea considered Refreshing Cup of Tea whenever you want?

A Cup of Tea can do a lot for us; it can change your mood in seconds, it can open your eyes, it can give you the energy, it can recall all of your memories and it can do a lot more.

That is why it is much more than a cup of tea.
Tea is a way for your generation to connect with your family, friends, and relatives. It’s a nice and healthy medium via which you may keep your relationships in good shape.
You can come together and share wonderful memories from the past while also creating new ones for the future.

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Instant food and beverages in the form of Packed foods and Ready to drink beverages paved the way for the business of manufacturing and selling several types of vending machines including tea coffee machines. 

Vending machines, despite the common impression that it is only used for snack and beverage dispensers but this technology of vending machines can be used for a variety of additional purposes, such as food and office supply, as well as Cash, condoms, tickets for public transportation.

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