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Tea Coffee Vending Machine

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Fuel Happy Teams & Convenience: Upgrade Your Office with Premix Machines for Tea and Coffee.

Tea and Coffee Vending Machine for Office Use

Is your office break room stuck in a rut of lukewarm coffee and tea? Are you tired of messy grinds, complicated brewing, and constant refilling? If so, it’s time to upgrade to a tea and coffee vending machine for office use! Utilizing convenient premixes, these machines offer a hassle-free solution to elevate your break room experience and boost employee satisfaction. Let’s explore the benefits and diverse options available:

Say Goodbye to the Hassle, Embrace Convenience:

Tea coffee machine for office premixes eliminate the need for messy grinds, complicated brewing equipment, and tedious refilling of individual packets. Employees enjoy instant access to delicious hot beverages, anytime they need a pick-me-up. This translates to increased efficiency and productivity, as employees spend less time waiting for their coffee or tea fix.

Explore a Range of Options:

The world of premix machines is vast, offering models with varying features and capacities. Choose from Two option machines for basic needs, or opt for Three or Four option machines for wider variety.

Two option Or Double option machine

Two Option machine

Tea N Coffee Machine dispenses Two Beverages & Hot Water.

Application :

Tea and Coffee vending Machine for Office Use.

Coffee and Tea Machine for Shops.

Coffee, Tea and Hot water Machines for Commercial Establishments.

MRP : ₹. 20,300.00

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Three Option or Triple Option Machine

Three Option machine

Tea and Coffee Vending Machine for Office use dispenses Three Beverages & Hot Water.

Application :

Coffee Tea and hot chocolate Machine for Offices

Beverage vending Machine that makes Coffee, Tea and hot chocolates usually used in Shops

Coffee, Tea and Soup Machines for Commercial Establishments.

₹. 22,000/-

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Four Option or Quadra Machine

Four Option Machine

Tea, Coffee, Lemon Tea and Soup Machine : Dispenses Four Beverages & Hot Water.

Application :

Automatic Tea and Coffee Vending machine for Office Use whether Small, Medium or Large Sized Enterprise who want to offer more than just Tea and coffee.

Coffee for Vending Machines for commercial Estaiblishments.

Tea vending machines usually used in shops

₹. 25,510/-

Partner with Expertise & Support:

We offer the whole range of tea and coffee  vending machine for office use, ensuring quality and performance. Benefit from expert installation, maintenance, and customer support to keep your break room running smoothly.

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Ready to transform your break room and invest in your employees’ well-being? Contact us today! Explore our diverse selection of premix tea and coffee vending machine for office use and discuss your specific needs. Let us help you create a vibrant, happy workspace that fuels productivity and smiles, one delicious cup at a time!

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