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Tailored-Made Tea and Coffee Solution according to the customers Requirement.

We are a Determined company and our idea was to manufacture and promote Perfect Tea & Coffee to the Customers. 

We offer a unique Tea and coffee solution to any office environment unlike any other in Mumbai.

The perfect place to meet your tea and coffee requirements

We strive to provide Healthy premixes as it is consumed by the professionals and young generation. Our sincere effort is to avoid any health hazards due to consumption of premix. We conduct quality checks to ensure genuine quality of our product.

Our organisation works with the principals of transparency and integrity. We focus more on ethics rather than earning revenue. 

We have earned tremendous goodwill in the market and with our fabulous reputation; we have been able to set an example for the entrants in this domain.

When new business, startup, and recruiting increased, there was an immediate need for tea and coffee, stationery, which led me to believe that there would be a large market for tea and coffee requirements, so we established our Brand, “Festisy”.
We made the decision to create a business that catered to the everyday needs of tea and coffee for businesses, hospitals, and schools because timely availability and flavour were important considerations.

Highly Interactive, Integrity, Communication.

We've seen a growing demand for tea and coffee in recent years, so I started SAAI in the hopes of satisfying the needs of those who want good Tea and Coffee but can't get it for a variety of reasons, like the lack of decent vendors or products. SAAI is a B2B and B2C company that may help anyone who is looking for giving tea and coffee at the appropriate moment and location.

The goal of "SAAI" is to offer customers tea and coffee that will revitalise and rejuvenate them, allowing them to improve their moods and taste buds and be more productive in their daily activities. SAAI wants to assist clients who need tea and coffee but are dissatisfied by the lack of appropriate Beverages and hygienic practices.

When "Festisy" first began, social media was our only method of promotion. As the business has grown, we've transitioned to new types of digital advertising, like Ads that appear on websites and jingles that play before and after video broadcasts. However, word-of-mouth marketing has always shown to be the most effective strategy for gaining new customers because it seems that every one of our happy customers knows someone who could use our products.

Festisy is distinctive in that we work in a significant B2B and B2C sector while prioritising being a family-run enterprise. We make it a point to involve family when making decisions about product design, logistics, and even marketing strategies because Festisy was founded in response to a need we observed in our own family. We have a level of familiarity and respect because our board is primarily made up of family members, which enables us to do business in a professional manner while still having a good time.

"Festisy" generates revenue through sales, the most basic method we measure success is by setting monthly sales objectives and recognising the sales and marketing teams who help us achieve them. We emphasise teamwork at work, we have a quarterly campaign in which employees are encouraged to publicly acknowledge coworkers who assist them with jobs or projects, with the objective of having at least 10 of our employees by the end of the quarter. This enables us to categorise instances of collaboration as successes, which we can measure through thank-you notes.

I've loved being a part of practically every aspect of SAAI, since the beginning. While I was more focused on long-term goals when the company was younger, as it has expanded, I have become more active in day-to-day operations. On a typical day, I might phone vendors and retailers to organise product delivery, visit our sales team to check in on sales success, or answer inquiries from staff regarding product-specific details clients inquire about.

We offer our own product and services to Non Profit NGO. We donate meals for Children. Our whole team is involved in the process.

Our people and their approach towards our vision of the company.

Long Term Potential.

Ability to Produce Results.

Enthusiasm and Passion.

Putting Skills to Action.

Fitting the Work Environment.

Team Player.


Giving Credit to Others.

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