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Why is Instant Cardamom Tea considered as a Refreshing Cup of Tea ?

Today we are going to talk about Why is instant Cardamom Tea considered as a Refreshing Cup of Tea ?

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    What Is Tea and in particular Cardamom Milk Tea?

    A Cup of Indian Tea with Milk can do a lot for us; it can change your mood in seconds, it can open your eyes, it can give you the energy, it can recall all of your memories, and it can do a lot more. That is why it is much more than a cup of tea.

    Tea is a way for your generation to connect with your family, friends, and relatives. It’s a nice and healthy medium where you can buy Cardamom Tea via which you may keep your relationships in good shape.

    You can come together and share wonderful memories from the past while also creating new ones for the future.
    Tea gives us quick energy and helps to soothe our throats.

    Milk tea can be brewed using a variety of ingredients and procedures, but the most common recipe is essentially identical to black tea but with the addition of milk and sugar, making it sweet, creamy, and smooth.
    Due to the presence of milk in the tea, milk tea is naturally high in calcium. Calcium is important for bone health.

    Milk tea includes potassium, which helps regulate fluids, muscular contractions, and other bodily functions.
    With the help of vitamin B12, which is a highly beneficial nutrition, it helps to build your neuron and blood cells.

    Benefits of tea representation

    Health Benefits of Tea

    • Tea hydrates the body.
    • Tea help you keep alert.
    • Tea may also aid in the prevention of cardiovascular, degenerative disorders as well as lower the risk of a heart attack.
    • Tea’s antioxidants may protect against cancers
    • Reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease.
    • Tea offers some protection from UV radiation.

    Harmful Effects of Tea

    Tea does almost no harm to your health.

    Please note that if you have an allergy that could be aggravates by drinking tea, this does not apply to you.

    However, there are situations when tea could be harmful which are summarized as below.

    • Excessive intake: Consuming too of tea which has caffeine as its content may cause concerns.
    • Buying and consuming low priced, lower-quality teas may contain lead, which can cause health issues.
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    Introduction to Cardamom And its Varieties.

    Cardamom is a spice that originated in the Indian Subcontinent but is now grown all across Asia and the rest of the world. It is now one of the most expensive spices in the world. Cardamom is utilized in a variety of cuisines, from spicy foods to desserts and beverages, and is prized for its scent as well as its versatility as a flavoring component. Cardamom seeds are located within a seed pod and have a very intense, aromatic flavour that can overpower other spices in cooking.

    Cardamom is divided into two varieties, which can be distinguished by their colour:

    The green cardamom which is the most valuable

    The other varieties are available in black, white, or red.

    Cardamom extracts, which are derived from cardamom and hence have the same qualities and health advantages, It is another approach to get cardamom flavour.

    Health Benefits of Cardamom in Chai
    Here are some of the Cardamom Tea Flavor most essential health benefits, which will prove to be quite beneficial to your health and will also spare you from seeing your local doctor for minor health issues. The high quantities of vitamin A, B, and C, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc may provide health advantages.

    In addition to its pleasant fragrance and flavour, Cardamom has numerous health benefits ranging from

    • Curing dental problems
    • Improving blood circulation in the body,
    • Alleviating depression
    • Controlling cholesterol
    • Detoxifying the body,
    • Optimizing digestion,
    • Healing respiratory issues,
    • Improving bad breath,
    • Easing menstrual symptoms,
    • Reducing skin irritation,
    • Preventing chronic diseases,
    • Boosting circulation,
    • Protecting hair health,
    • Cardamom tea Aiding weight loss,
    • Lowering blood pressure,
    Consumption of Cardamom

    Even though Cardamom are beneficial in a variety of ways, one of which is their antibacterial properties, they also generate a lot of heat in the body, and anything more than 10 is a lot.

    On a daily basis, in warm places you can use 2–3 pieces in a curry or a dessert. You can chew on 1–2 cardamom pieces as a mouth-freshener while in a meeting or going outside to meet people and a couple extra in colder climatic places is ok.

    Preparation of 1 cup of Karak Cardamom Tea or Elaichi Chai Tea.
    • Milk 3/4 – Cup.
    • 1 teaspoon loose leaf black tea or CTC.
    • 1/4 cup of water.
    • 1 teaspoon sweetener or sugar, or as needed.
    • 5-7 cardamom seed tea, crushed.

    Making Authentic Chai with Cardamom instructions.

    In a container, combine the water and milk and bring to a boil for 2 minutes.

    Add Tea and cardamom seeds, crushed or Elaichi Chai Powder

    Continue to brew it for another three minutes on a low flame.

    Finally, add the sugar and whisk thoroughly.

    In a glass, pour homemade chai or Ground Cardamom Tea. You can now enjoy real chai.

    Similarly, Chai Tea without Cardamom or just Plain tea can be enjoyed in same process only difference is that we would not add any cardamom in the preparation.

    Another Alternative for Instant Cardamom Tea
    • 1 Festisy cardamom Chai Instant tea Premix satchets contains 14 gms of our prepared chai blend.
    • 80ml of  Hot water.

    Usage instructions.

    Pour the entire contents of our best instant cardamom tea premix powder into 80ml boiling water and swirl vigorously until the combination is completely dissolved. Your instant Tea India Cardamom chai is ready to drink.

    cardamom tea sachets, Buy tea premix sachets online


    The Ready mix Tea is available in following

    Please note that Festisy Instant Tea Premix 1kg is used in as Tea premix in vending machine also.

    Benefits of Cardamom Chai or Cardamom Tea Mix good for /
    Why Is Instant Cardamom Tea considered as a refreshing cup of Tea?

    • Detoxifying your Body thereby ensuring wellness of oneself.
    • Optimizing Digestion.
    • Healing Respiratory Issues.
    • Improving Mouth Breath.
    • Easing Menstrual Symptoms.
    • Reduces Skin Irritation.
    • Preventing Chronic Disease.
    • Boasting Blood Circulation
    • Protecting Hair Health.
    Other Blends of Cardamom Karak Tea
    • Cardamom Ginger Tea or Elaichi Adrakwali Chai.
    • Cardamom Masala Tea or Elaichi Masala Chai.
    • Cardamom and Clove Tea or long Elaichi Tea.
    • Cardamom and Fennel Tea.
    • Cinnnamon Cardamom Cloves Tea
    • Kesar Elaichi Tea or Saffron Cardamom Tea.
    • Mint Cardamom Tea.
    • Peppermint Cardamom Tea.
    • Tulsi Cardamom Tea.
    • Turmeric Cardamom Tea.

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